Brushes with Fame

So you know that picnic I mentioned in the last post? It was for the birthday of Ms. Abbie Turiansky, who CNN just happened to feature in a segment on Clagett Farm’s CSA last week. It’s nothing new for me to have a friend on the news because, you know, I associate with so many local foods activists and television stars. But I thought I’d pass it on.

And this photo? I took it on that farm. Yeah–I was there, where all the magic happens, just yesterday. No biggie. Just rubbing shoulders with the news makers as always.

Ginger-Sesame Millet

This dish made its debut at a picnic at the Arboretum a few weeks ago and I have been politely but persistently asked to post the recipe ever since. This is a millet-based version of my basic fried rice recipe, and is similarly flexible.

The one thing you may be wondering is: what, exactly, is millet? So glad you asked! It’s a golden-colored, protein-rich grain that you can boil just like rice. When dry, the kernels are tiny spheres.

I think Epicurious describes millet well, though I disagree on the bland taste. It has a nutty, corn-like flavor that gives it more character than other grains you may be used to.

The flavor is strong enough to bring millet from the stuff you put stir fried veggies over to an integral part of the dish. You can use it for pilaf or hot cereal, or even try it in pasta dishes (e.g. toss with extra virgin olive oil, fresh mozz, tomato, and basil). I also like throwing a few tablespoons of uncooked millet into bread dough.

Well, enough intro from me. Here’s the recipe (after you jump the jump!) Continue reading