Braisin’ Greens

Braisin’: v. t. (vernacular gerund) Stewing or broiling in a covered kettle or pan

Brazen: adj. To face or undergo with bold self-assurance; marked by flagrant and insolent audacity

Greens: n. 1) Green, leafy vegetables 2) Those who are politically, socially,and/ or gastronomically committed to environmental causes


[Note: Braisin’ Greens is currently on hiatus as its chef focuses on a full-time day job and graduate school. If you have a one-time request, please send it along. I may be able to accommodate you. Otherwise, check back again soon or shoot me an email saying you’d like to be notified when BG is back in business. Thanks for visiting this page!]

Braisin’ Greens is a personal chef service offering healthy and tasty meals for busy people. The food is all homemade and delivered to your door. You decide whether to have it for dinner after a long day, bring it for lunch, or serve it to your friends and tell the little white lie that you made it yourself! The delectable dishes are all vegetarian and made with local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Each is a mouthwatering adaptation of Indian, African, Asian, Latin-American, Italian, or American cuisine. In other words, it’s the good stuff you’d make yourself if you had more time and a little culinary training!

There are two pricing options. One is the personalized plan, based on a reasonable hourly rate for cooking and delivery, plus the cost of ingredients. I use this system so YOU decide how plain or fancy to make it. The other option is a la carte for each dish, with the option to order with a co-op of customers.

Check out the menu here.

For more information, email the chef.


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