Packin’ It In

Summer is packing away its blazing days and lazy mentality, giving way to the disciplined back-to-school season. And with that season (or any season, if you’re a year-round 9-to-5er) comes the lunch dilemma.

What to pack? And how to pack it? What to make that’s new? What to bring that’s quick, cheap, and healthy? And, if you’re like more and more Americans, How to do it sustainably?

First off, lemme say that I’m not always successful in planning ahead and packing something good. I often go for the quick fix of buying food from the cafeteria at work. When I do think ahead and buy food for lunches, I try to relax the purse strings a little. No matter what unprocessed foods you buy, I reason, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be cheaper than take-out. Continue reading