Year-round farmer’s markets


Good news: In D.C., the phrase “yes we can” now applies to local foods! You CAN get pesticide-free produce year-round, even in the winter, and you CAN get it from the very farmers who grew it. Just ask the bundles of wool scarves and puffy jackets at the Takoma Park market I frequent. They can can tell you about every day in the life of a head of tatsoi, and explain just how few chemicals were involved in its rearing. (This photo was taken in the warmer winter of ’08, at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market).

It’s fascinating to see that, just six years ago, Pennsylvania mom Kate Gosselin had to scour her area for organic food.  Now it seems like 90% of the farmers at my local market grow without chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. And a healthy handful of them are from her own state!

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Lately, I’m loving caffeine–or rather, my writing is. Give me a 16-ounce cup of coffee and I’m off to the races like a mocha-colored thoroughbred. Feed me a few dark chocolate Kisses and I’m so prolific John Updike is rising from the grave and applauding. Give me a two-shot latte and I’m so creative my ideas are having ideas.

I’m so good that I’m surprised writing competitions haven’t banned coffee as a performance-enhancing substance.

 They probably haven’t caught on yet. Shhhhh!