School yearbook and road atlas, meet zoo roster

Tomato varieties have the darndest names:

Early Girls

Big Boys

Big Beef

Sun Golds

Valley Girls

Green Zebras

Lemon Boys



Those are just a few, according to an archived farm newsletter, that my CSA has offered. Which wacky association comes up with these? And how can I get on staff?

Delicious gift

I got a delicious gift the other day. It was garden-grown herbs and veggies that brought me back to last summer, when I had a real garden and a housemate who got freshly grown goodies from her job.

Delicious gift

Here it is… in case you can’t tell, it includes several kinds of basil and mint (including pineapple mint — who knew such a union was possible?) Oh, yeah – there were flowers, too. Zinnias! If that doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what does. Continue reading