Here she comes…

You’ve heard about her. You’ve asked about her. Perhaps you’ve even sampled her.

Somehow, everyone wants her. Is it her stunning appearance, her crisp wit, her slightly tart sense of humor, her ability to get along so famously with lime? What is it that draws revelers to her side? Whatever it is, the Hibiscus Margarita is here with all of her secrets revealed!

Ta da!

Hibiscus margarita

This is the first in a series of gourmet (and dare I say “healthy”?) cocktails on You are Delicious. What makes them gourmet is the unique and classy ingredients. What makes them healthy is their lack of artificial anything and their ability to put color in your cheeks.

Check out the recipe for Hibiscus Margaritas

That’s all for today. If you were wondering about the mashed cauliflower, I recommend it! But don’t expect it to taste like mashed potatoes. Also be sure to steam or boil it until it’s good and mushy to make the mashing easier.

If you were wondering about Ghanaian recipes, you’re in luck! An upcoming post will commemorate
Ghana’s 50th anniversary of freedom from British rule the best way I know how – through food!

Stay tuned.


One thought on “Here she comes…

  1. Hi, Rhe.

    Just want to comment about YOUR comment that mashed cauliflower should not be expected to taste like mashed potatoes:

    It might be the “expecting” part that can make the difference. Our friend, a good cook and baker, and your honorary aunt, Aletta, makes scrumptious mashed cauliflower for her husband, who is diabetic and can’t eat potatoes. When she serves it at a dinner for guests, she doesn’t go out of her way to announce what it is. It tastes delicious, which people do notice. But they assume it’s mashed potatoes. I always thought that was because it tasted just like them. But now that I think about expectations, maybe it’s because the diners are THINKING it’s mashed potatoes, which helps them bridge any slight — or even not-so-slight — differences between the two dishes.

    Also: Thanks for that plug for steaming as an option for softening food. Let’s keep in those vitamins! And since we were talking about flavor anyway, might as well add that steaming keeps in more of the flavor, also.

    Well, now that I’ve covered just about my entire knowledge of cooking, guess I’ll sign off.

    E-ma shelach

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