The runt must go

Some aspect of my life (and probably yours) always suffers. If my life were a basket full of newborn hamsters, there would always be a runt that didn’t make it. Eating well, exercising, seeing friends and family, saving money, feeding the soul and creative energies… one of them always becomes the runt of the litter.

Yesterday, I did yoga and went for a run and entertained at home instead of spending money out. Today, I went out to socialize, fighting my introvert tendencies. It was all good, but tonight I found myself driving the short distance to my activity and eating take-out too late at night. Two boo/hiss-worthy actions. Luckily, what I got out of it is the realization that there will always be a runt–a commendable value that you just have to push away from the proverbial water bottle hanging from the proverbial hampster cage and let die. So what’s to be done?

To be good to yourself and to the planet while staying sane, I believe, you have to decide what can become the runt. I think most people do that. They have a few sacred values (or, to continue the metaphor, a few precious baby hampsters that stand out in their bug-eyed, hairless glory), that cannot be ignored. Perhaps its sticking to a vegetarian diet or spending time with family every weekend or never setting foot in a vehicle that runs on anything but human power or recycled cooking oil.

Phew. I feel better already. Some of the litter will always survive to make Mama proud. And as for the rest… well, sweet dreams. We’ll miss you, but not enough to buy an extra hampster bottle.


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