Alternative ovens

So you thought cooking had to be done with electricity or gas, right? Except for making the occasional sun tea, that’s how most of us prepare food. But there are so many more possibilities out there! Here are a few:

Solar cookers and info on solar cooking:
Solar Household Energy, Inc. (Run by a woman in my neighborhood!)
Gaiam solar cooker

Earth Oven:
A book about making your own wood-burning earth oven, which apparently makes a mean sourdough bread.


4 thoughts on “Alternative ovens

  1. i, myself witnessed amazing power of solar ‘oven’ ( an old beaten up satellite disc, layered with mirrors ) in Tibet. The thing managed to cook a what you call gigantic pot full of water in less than few cigarettes time. pure benefit of being closer to the sun eh? and to my amazement.. it can still some what working as a real satellite disc at night for locals to catch soccer game beams from the sky…

  2. The Tightwad Gazette (formerly a newsletter, now a compiled volume) featured solar cookers and hot boxes (for gardening). It’s a MUST HAVE book for every home, although after looking around malls and thumbing through fashion magazines, you’d never know it…

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