The time has come

…the walrus said…

…to cook with epazote!

I’ve decided to make this recipe with the epazote I’ll get with my CSA share tomorrow! Or maybe this one. It depends if I find fresh pumpkin seeds and have the patience to grind, kneed, and drain them. I must admit that having bright green, vitamin E-rich oil for garnish is very appealing.

We shall see!


3 thoughts on “The time has come

  1. D’oh! I didn’t get any epozote. I think I was so excited about the flowers that came with my share that I forgot to pick it up.

  2. aren’t fresh pumpkin seeds available at the Yes! organic food shop on PA Ave? or is everything in their bins roasted or dried or shriveled? myself, i usually get a huge bag of roasted seeds 🙂 yum

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