Parve for the course

It’s always nice to have a parve* vegetarian recipe in your toolbox. That way, no matter what else is on the menu, the kosher-minded omnivores at a meal can sample your creation. I have one for vegetarian shepherd’s pie that I used for a Rosh Hashana dinner and passed along to a friend for the same purpose. It also happens to be vegan if you don’t use butter, and is gluten-, wheat-, nut-, and dairy-free.

If you’re not concerned about upsetting a dietary balance, go ahead and use butter instead of the olive or canola oil for the filling and/or ‘tater crust.

Oh, and you may notice something different about this recipe. It’s a PDF! Yes, I am finally using my Acrobat Professional to convert my recipe files to that more convenient and secure form. One recipe down and 495,000 to go…

Ok – now you may click for the Shepherd’s Pie recipe.

*Parve is a term for a food that contains neither dairy nor meat ingredients as defined by Jewish kosher law. Parve foods can be eaten with any other foods, whether meat or dairy.


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