Mikey likes it!

Pad ThaiThrough the tickling grapevines and the smell of oncoming winter, a blonde rushes through the door. Her coconut milk cheeks flush hibiscus as the warmth envelops her. She embraces Taw Vigsittaboot and kisses his handsome, creased cheek. This one, he knows, likes her orders spicy.

Thus begins an essay I wrote for my Johns Hopkins nonfiction class. And my prof actually liked it! Much like a cook who serves with trepidation, unsure how the food will taste on her guests’ palates, I never know how my writing will reflect in others’ eyes. By the time a piece is done, I’ve stirred and tasted and added a pinch of this or that so many times that objectivity is impossible. I may decide it’s flavorless or the most delicious creation in the history of the world, but know full well that anyone outside my brain (or my kitchen) can have a completely different take.

Now at least one critic has had a say in this one. I’m not sure if it was the merry Thanksgiving feelings talking or it really is good for a first draft, but he had good things to say about it. And that gave me the confidence to share the draft with you.

The piece is also a perfect choice for you, dear reader, because it has to do with food and a delightful D.C. culinary find–Thai X-ing.

Give Flare to Gold a read.


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