Here cow cow cow!

Glory be! The future is here! The FDA has said selling products from cloned animals is okay. You only have a few months before “consumer anxiety” abates and the USDA figures it’s okay, too. Pretty soon the public will be ready to munch away, oblivious of whether their burger is from a cloned animal or not, but we’re not there yet.

What’s going to win them over? Probably the heaps of compelling evidence that’s it’s all good. As you can see from the article, the FDA spent six long years tracking the safety of cloned animals. That’s like a third of the natural life span of a dairy cow and 1/12 the lifespan of a human being–plenty of time to thoroughly monitor the effects of raising and eating clones. Now that schools are doing away with the idea of natural selection, why shouldn’t food producers? It’s all part of a trend toward innovation and a new world.

Well, I guess meddling with genes has a few proven problems… and there are some problems with this specific decree, like the fact that it flies in the face of public opinion and every animal rights organization doesn’t like it and Congress has asked to wait for more studies… but I’m not deterred. We must embrace the brave new future of food.


3 thoughts on “Here cow cow cow!

  1. i read about this a few days ago elsewhere … and then read a comment after that that said we have basically been eating cloned vegetables for a decade or two now so it’s nothing really new in terms of food. hmm. i’m not afraid of cloned meat! according to raw eaters, it’ll all be dead food anyway by the time i cook it to medium doneness.

  2. Adam – By cloned vegetables, they might’ve been talking about genetically modified ones, which have their issues too. There are just too many risks to the environment, the power of the factory farm industry (do they really need any more?), and animals’ health for me to condone it… even if it’s okay for humans to eat.

    Hui – All I can say is you have a unique mind. Ok, I can also say it might be cool to clone endangered animals and eat them. Just be sure to eat them young before they develop some nasty disease like Dolly the sheep.

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