2 thoughts on “Doing a little jig

  1. Awesome article! I’m so glad he mentions that it’s possible to raise meat sustainably too. It’s sometimes left out of the conversation that not all meat production necessarily contributes to the very real problems he cited. It’s good for those meat eaters among us to know that we can choose the non-factory farmed options and feel okay about those choices. I found it interesting though that pork and chicken are becoming more popular these days and they need to have some grain (unlike cows which can be totally grass-fed). Perhaps if they are raised in a free-range manner then they’ll eat less grain and at least cut down on that problem significantly, if not completely.

  2. Yes, raising animals in a sustainable way is key. The emerging wisdom is saying moderation, too. I think those were good points about how Americans eat so much more meat than others and think we need more protein than we do…. whether it’s organic protein or not.

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