Top food stories

Every day, I am blessed by people in my life who find new, fascinating, or downright oddball food stories. Here’s a sampling of what I came across or received within the past 24 hours:


Bitten Blog

A Mighty Appetite

Foodie pals’ latest:

Munch DC on busin’ it, being a damn Yankee… oh, and Chinese food

What the…?:

Jimmy Dean better shape up

Fear of pickles


6 thoughts on “Top food stories

  1. Thanks for reading and featuring my blog. Next to entries from the WaPo and NYT. I’m in good company! And oh, how I love the pickle clip. It might be even better than Maury’s “Not the Father” and “Out of Control Teen” genres.

    Rhea – I’m not sure which entries you’re trying to feature on the Bitten Blog and Mighty Appetite because they’re not permalinked. I’m guessing Bitten = The Art of Waste and maybe Watch Out White Rice?
    Mighty = eh…wont load on my whack Internet connection. Will read it tomorrow, especially if there’s a permalink.

    Hui – The Chinese Food link should be up now. I was adding an important part I accidentally left out about the former chef and that took it down for a bit. Updated article back up now.

  2. P – 😛

    Josh – Better luck with Mighty Appetite? I tested the links and they both work for me and go straight to the main blog page. So I’m not sure what to do. I think the best approach is to add some of the several posts I’ve had partly done for days and bury this error-infested one.

    I’ll check for tofu photos. I can’t remember if I took any. If all else fails, can I just describe it? If I promise to make it exciting and use unsettling similes involving earlobes?

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