The good goods

Greater Goods logoZero impact non-consumption is the trend of the day among green folks. But sooner or later you’ll have to buy, and at that moment you should get on over to Greater Goods.* It’s a one-stop shop for greener stuff and a cleaner conscience. I’ve been aware of it since the owner came to Gallaudet’s Focus the Nation Green Fair, and had seen mention of the store here or there.

When I stopped in over the weekend, within a few minutes I was able to solve both my worries about my plastic water bottle leaching polyethylene into my beverages and plastic bags leaching evil into the universe.

I’m now the proud owner of a perty SIGG stainless steel bottle and a roll of biodegradable kitchen waste bags. No more odd-tasting water and no more asking for plastic at the grocery store when the trash bags run low.

Other kitchen- and food-related items on offer: lunch bags and boxes, reusable grocery bags, biodegradable sponges whose scrubby side is made of loofah, and those wooden contraptions on which Earth-loving chefs can dry their used plastic bags after washing. Greater Goods also has a large selection of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products for kitchens and whatever else you clean. There’s also CFLs and low-flow shower heads and such.

And how are their labor practices? Right now it’s just owner Daniel Velez with help from his wife and a few others as needed, so that’s about as good as it gets.

Velez himself is good people. When I mentioned Gallaudet, he told me he’d had a great time there. Before he went, he said, he’d actually educated himself about Deaf culture. The dude didn’t want to just go in and sell stuff; he wanted to groove with the scene.

Velez has had some challenges in opening the place, namely in procuring sustainable building materials and products to sell, but seems to have a solid plan and full grokkage of the undertaking. (He’s got a blog that’s got some interesting insights on starting a business).

Next time you’re in the area or have a hankering for a low-impact shopping spree, check it out!

*Here: Greater Goods is at 1626 U Street NW, WDC 20009. It’s just east of Adams Morgan, where the pet store used to be and close to Chi Cha Lounge and the Bang Salon/Results/Health Bar.


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