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Keswick Creamery‘s stand at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market is where this stuff starts for me, but it can start with any good feta. The recipe below is a spread I’ve been making and highly recommend. It tastes similar to blue cheese dressing, which definitely works in its favor. C’mon, you know you love blue cheese dressing, and and who hasn’t plotted to add more of it to their diet?

You can make a sandwich with this spread, adding some micro greens and roasted red pepper, or use as a dip for sliced winter veggies like parsnips and carrots (for the dip, replace the cream cheese and mayo with 1/2 cup sour cream or plain yogurt). If you thin it with milk or buttermilk, you can pour it on arugula or a baby lettuce mix. (Recipe comes after the jump)

I’ve tried the spread with all of Keswick’s feta flavors, including the “de Province” variety with lavender flowers, which I find both creative and tasty. The fetas each have a deep, aged flavor and they all work beautifully for this purpose. I may branch out and try it with their Blue Suede Moo (you guessed it — their take on blue cheese) or give the goat cheese folks some business next time and see how it works with chevre.

Give this a try and I dare you to tell me the batch lasted more than 24 hours.

Feta Spread

2″ square piece of feta cheese, crumbled

1/4 cup (2 oz.) cream cheese, softened

2 Tbs. mayo

1 tsp. minced garlic, about 1 medium clove

2 tsp. diced fresh chives, scallion, dill, parsley, and/or basil

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Makes about 2/3 cup spread, enough for about 4 sandwiches.


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