Maybe being rich wouldn’t be so bad…

Oh, YaD! How neglected you must feel! (Not to mention my dedicated readers, who are no doubt checking in every night and crying themselves to sleep when they see no new posts!)

I’m doing a quick check in from 42 stories above the Big Easy. I have only about 48 hours to meet, network with, and suck the wisdom out of a few hundred higher ed magazine editors at this conference, so I’d better get to the point.

My message for today: staying on the Club Floor of the Sheraton with complimentary brie, roasted veggies, mini spanakopitas, and tasty beverages (Hurricanes extra) every day from 5-8 is not bad at all. It makes you think: would it really be so evil, so bad, so wrong… to be a little rich?

Everybody sing! If I were a rich man, yidle didle didle didle deedle dum…


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