Columbia Heights, Petworth, and Mount P restaurants

A sweet mango, a world of wonder, or the greatest heights? This is the question that confronts many a Washingtonian. Ok, maybe just a few. Or maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about.

A friend recently asked for restaurant recommendations for Columbia Heights and Petworth. So I shared some thoughts, and I’d like to share them with you. Perhaps you’ll see the predicament.


Sweet Mango Cafe is across the street from the Petworth station. I’ve never been but have wanted to try it. Organic Caribbean food!

El Torogoz Restaurant–4231 9th Street NW. Salvadoran, Mexican, and Italian food?? The Prince of Petworth doesn’t mention the latter, but seems to really like it.

More ideas here.

Columbia Heights

The Heights14th and Kenyon NW. The name refers to the level of the atmosphere, service, brows of some of the clientele, and somewhat the prices… you’ll shell out for $8-10 appetizers and like $13-$25 for a main dish, but they do give you extra virgin olive oil with a constant stream of really good bread. And they have lower priced sandwich options.

Red Rocks Pizza (couldn’t find a website, but it’s apparently good brick oven pizza — seems popular with the hip young set when I drive by!) it’s at 11th and Park Rd NW.
WonderlandBelieve it or not! I like their food. And they have veggie half smokes! 11th and Kenyon NW.
If you’re willing to head west, walk along Mount Pleasant Street and take your pick of Dos Gringos, Don Juan’s, Don Jaime’s, or Marx Cafe (which has added some delightful international tapas options). There’s also Haydee’s, which a lot of people like, but I’m not too fond of.

Eat well!


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