Grandma’s Tub of Lard

Today I picked up a friendly-looking burlap-colored bag in the potato chip section and made a discovery. Unlike Frito-Lay, which is creating a collection of earth tone-colored bags filled with healthier versions of their popular chip flavors, Utz is taking a different tack. Grandma Utz’s naturey bags of snacks are truly old school, in a truly unsettling way. Namely, she fries her “thicker, unrinsed slices” in pure lard! Deeelightful!

I suppose in this enlightened moment, when the skinny and bespectacled Michael Pollan is killing his own wild boar and we’re all riding a passion for “real” food, it makes sense. But lard?? Anti-veggie, un-kosher, cholesterol-and-saturated-fat-filled fat? Whole foods revolution, can’t you do better than that?

Well, at least the customers are happy. WALA!

* * *

To wit:

Lard nutritional profile

Peanut oil nutritional profile

Doritos have their own site that’s worth experiencing


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