Guest Post: Bio of a raw foods chef

Squatting down, hands clasped together, radiant blue eyes wide open and looking up, beaming a smile. Hair flowing down my back, feeling the breeze, sensing the vibrations of Mother Earth, and embracing life is me, myself, and I! I go by the name of Alynn Davis and I live by my personal motto ~ “Life is GRAND, so LIVE it!”

Life is grand. Life is beautiful. You are given a life to live in this lifetime. What more can you ask for? Who cares if you have blue, hazel, or brown eyes? Who cares if you’re tall or short? Who cares if you’re big or small? What really matters is how you’re living your life. Love life and embrace it! Take it to heart and grow! Blossom! Show your beauty! Be the person that you are! My eyes, my mind, my emotions, my SOUL had been shifting to a new level since I became 100% raw in October of 2003. The darkness has drifted away, the cloudiness, the negative forces of energy faded into space. Living Raw is not just about eating raw foods. It is about living your life in an optimal way. It is about choices, it is about becoming something you never thought you would become.

Even without these realizations, I was about 80% raw growing up. Every time my mother offered us four kids something to eat, I always–ALWAYS–opted for fruits and/or veggies. I hated anything sugary, canned, or whatever didn’t seem natural. Perhaps I listened to my body, and instinctively knew that eating fresh fruits/veggies is better than eating processed/packaged foods. I have been allergic to dairy since birth (which is a plus!) and became vegetarian/vegan in 1992.

Thanks to Brenda Lee (a precious angel who is a dear friend of mine) and May Wille (my raw Mommie and a loving friend), I was informed of the raw movements and raw lifestyle. When I was told about raw food, my first reaction was, “I do eat raw–apples, oranges, celery, etc… So?! What do you mean by Raw Foods?”

They explained that eating raw meant nothing was cooked, processed, all organic, living naturally, etc., etc., etc. From there, BL and I took the moments to study, research, and educate ourselves about raw lifestyle before becoming 100% raw. Then one day, as BL, Brian Moore, I chatted, out of the blue, BL and I looked at each other, read each other’s mind, and blurted out “Let’s become raw!” We jumped onto this path, became 100% raw overnight (with no transitional phase) and have been loving it ever since!

I believe what makes us truly unique is being who we are. Being more conscious of who we are and why we stand out. A double whammy of standing out is being one who is deaf. Just because we are deaf doesn’t mean we are clueless! My goal is to educate and communicate with every being. There is a barrier between deaf and hearing people and that is communication. How do we break down that barrier? Have someone who can relate to them and communicate with them. Perhaps that is where I fall in… I have been told that people are amazed at what I have done and what I am doing, regardless of the fact that I do not have the ability to hear well.

And what am I doing? I’m currently co-partner and Cosmos of Bliss Manager at Bliss Cafe & Chocolates in Sedona, AZ! Please feel free to check out cafe’s website and enjoy!


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