People Come and Go, But Coffee is Forever

A feature of my past and current kitchen is a beautifully illuminated and framed post about coffee. A reader and friend was inspired by the piece and thus made it my one and only post to achieve that kind of immortality.

I realized today that it’s been exactly a year since I wrote that.

In that year, I’ve had 2 apartments, taken my first 4 graduate classes, traveled to the other side of the globe and back, changed my cooking priorities, moved out of a relationship and into singlehood, and grown closer to some friends while others have become more distant. And one friend has left this Earth. But I’m still sipping that life-giving cup o’ joe each day. Funny how things change, but vices remain the same.


3 thoughts on “People Come and Go, But Coffee is Forever

  1. It is amazing how much can change in one year. Don’t they say change is the only thing you can count on? The only constant in life? Maybe coffee is in that same category though. 😉

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