Travelogue Part III: 3-Ways in the ‘Natti

I have to applaud Gold Star Chili of Cincinnati. In their quick takeout line–in an airport, no less–they offered a vegetarian version of their signature dish. Now veggies have an (almost) equal opportunity to clog their arteries and broaden their arses with chili cheese fries, chili with garlic bread, and Chili 3-Ways.

The latter is what I got, as you can see here. I say the veggies don’t quite have the same opportunity to acquire those sophisticated Western maladies because the vegetarian chili is full of  (what else?) vegetables instead of meat. It’s hard to see, but they include corn, onions, peppers, mushrooms and other goodies included in the not-too-picante sauce. The “ways”, if you can’t tell from the photo, are Spaghetti, Cheese, and of course Chili.

Although I was only in the Cinci/Northern Kentucky airport for a short time, I had to include it in my travelogue. Because it’s not so much what you do or see that makes a travel adventure, but what you eat!

But you don’t have to arrange for a layover in southern Ohio to get this dish. I’ve also seen it in our very own Old Town, Alexandria.


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