The renaissance pastry blender

patry blender

I’ve always detested chopping up eggs for egg salad. There’s something tedious and unsatisfying about slicing into egg after egg, getting the powdery yellow yolk on your knife, wiping it off, starting again. So I was thrilled yesterday when I came across a solution! The key is a pastry blender. You know ’em if you’ve got one — a horseshoe-shaped implement with wires and a handle. I use mine to cut butter into a flour mixture for baked goods. But now I’ll be taking it out of the cabinet more often to slice up my eggs!

Here’s how I recommend doing it:

Boil your eggs and peel as usual.

Place in a medium mixing bowl (one bigger than you think you need) and slice. I sliced each egg vertically first and then went through the shredded mess horizontally. You can do a few more passes if you like your eggs in small pieces.

Add whatever you normally put in egg salad. I like mayo, horseradish or Dijon mustard, chopped celery, and capers. Mix well. Use a spoon for this part — mixing is one thing a pastry blender is not cut out for!


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