A growing spirit of change

WhoFarm bus

As the JibJab look back at 2008 quips, “McCain has many houses, but none of them are white.” Obama does (or will) have a White House, and with great real estate comes great responsibility. Or so says an organization urging Obama to take the presidential residence on a left turn (notice the traffic signal) into the world of organic gardening. As heard on NPR, the WhoFarm project–which drives around this nifty bus with a garden on the top–is one of the groups encouraging Number 44 to go organic. They started even before we knew who would get the office, taking a cross-country tour and ending up in D.C. just before the election.

Michael Pollan is in on it, as is Kitchen Gardeners International. According to former White House executive chef Walter Scheib, previous presidents did grow and eat organic.

That’s heartwarming and reassuring, for sure. Maybe Dubya is even into grass-fed Texas beef. I doubt the commitment to organic included having public school kids and people with disabilities working the garden, though, and I don’t think part of the harvest went to local school lunch programs, food banks, and shelters.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I like the idea. You could get quite a bit of food out of the White House lawn, and a lot of mileage out of a visible sustainable food project.


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