At long last, I’ve decided on my food-related resolutions. Want to hear ’em? I thought you’d never ask!

Here are the first three:

1. Make more stuff from scratch. I’ve had a blast these past couple of weeks with the time freed up by a break in classes. I packed my kitchen with homemade bread, granola, sauerkraut, cookies, and other goodies. I hope I can keep this up even when my schedule gets tighter.

2. No eating at the computer. This goes for both work and home. I wanted to make this “no more eating at my desk,” but found it hard to make the giant leap to the little meeting table in my office. For now, at work, I eat lunch on the part of my desk’s ‘L’ without the computer. I may evolve further. Already, I see that it’s allowed me to read more and be more mindful of what I’m eating.

3. Entertain dinner, brunch, or cocktail guests at least once a month. This means events for 2+ guests. I hope to start this off on the 30th with a Shabbat dinner plan that a friend and I have been throwing around. I’ve begun tangible preparations by buying a new set of glasses (bringing me up to 13 of the “on the rocks” size) and a bamboo table runner (I’ve been setting serving dishes on an extra placemat when it’s just me or one guest, but you’ve got to give people those extra placemats and still have a place to put the piping hot food). This endeavor can prove a little pricey, both in accoutrements and groceries, but hopefully that will be offset by Resolution #1. See how nicely that all works out?


4 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Rhea,
    So happy to see the mindful eating!!! That’s such a wonderful resolution. Did you know that 30-40% of the digestive response happens in the brain, so if you are eating mindlessly, never giving your brain the chance to recognize that food is going in the mouth, that means you’re only metabolizing your food at 60-70% efficiency. So, all those good organic veggies might just be going to waste if you’re not sitting down at a table, looking at them, salivating, and then chowing down. 🙂

  2. Chilling statistics! Think it’s okay that today I’m breaking my rule but still taking long glances at my food in between glances at the computer screen?

  3. Hooray for not eating in front of your computer! Fortunately bringing food into the computer labs is frowned upon here so I’m with you on that one. Now if only I could start making bread from scratch…

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