Cheesy math

I love me some Obama, but with the $819 billion stimulus package that the WaPo helpfully calculated to be “larger than the combined total cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so far,” I’m getting deja vu.  Thanks, dudes, for evoking my favorite thing to bitch about in the Bush administration and making it look small in comparison to what our dear Lincoln incarnate will spend.

That inauguration night Daily Show clip comparing the “prose cheese” of the two administrations floated to the top of my mind today… and kind of sat there like a delicious, crusty piece of cheese toast on a bowl of French onion soup that turns out to be made with icky beef stock.

In case you missed it, here’s the clip:


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One thought on “Cheesy math

  1. Is it my imagination, or is your blog getting more deliciously (sorry) and wittily opinionated by the entry?
    Also: With my skimpy (but cheap) bundle of TV channels, I don’t get Comedy Central. But for at least one day, I got my RDA of The Daily Show, and a glimpse of its inauguration coverage, via “Cheesy Math”. Thanks for sending us on to other material, even beyond your own wonderful stuff.

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