Click, drag, remenisce… oh, and save the world

Remember those toy pots and pans with plastic fruits, veggies, and that too-red bacon you had as a kid? I think I didn’t actually have a set at home, but I played with one occasionally at preschool and this one time when my parents entered me in a study of kids at play.

I think my favorite part was the apple halves that each had a strip of velcro on the flat side. Put ’em together and you had a whole apple; “cut” the apple with your super safe plastic butter knife and you had two halves again!

After my friend Vanessa and I cut the hell out of that thing for a while in that room full of toys, we had a bit of an event. Vanessa wondered allowed what a kid had to do to get access to a potty around there. And, miraculously, someone appeared to ask if anyone had to use the bathroom.

Not knowing of the existance of two-way mirrors and their use in such situations, I was amazed. But soon went back to playing with fake food and chattering to myself.

If you want to relive that experience (the playing with fake food one, not necessarily the two-way mirror one), and/or if you’re curious how what you eat affects the size of your carbon footprint, you’ve gotta check out the Eat Low Carbon Calculator.


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