Squeezable PB

A random but potentially lucrative thought: Someone should develop squeezable peanut butter! You know, like the mayo and mustard and ketchup you can buy now? It would require just a little tinkering with the consistency (it would have to be a little thinner than traditional PB — maybe with the addition of good-for-you-coconut oil, or nutritious vitamin E oil!) and the container (something like the mayo, but with a slightly larger hole).

But imagine the advantages — no knives to wash, no schmutz to contaminate your jelly, no spreading mishaps… Food innovationists, take note!


2 thoughts on “Squeezable PB

  1. Sigh. I guess I should’ve Googled. But I haven’t seen one in my health food store shoppings… and Skippy’s website didn’t show a squeezable version of the all natural kind!

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