Strawberries no bigger than a knuckle

Russ Parsons, author of  How to Pick a Peach: The Search for Flavor from Farm to Table, was on American Public Media’s “The Splendid Table” this week talking about strawberries.

A few fun facts he shared:

  • Go tiny when you choose strawberries. No bigger than a knuckle is best if you want maximum sweetness and flavor.
  • The best strawberries are not fit for shipping. They’re too fragile! This means you’d better buy local, or you’re getting something bred to last–not to taste good.
  • You can “cook” fresh berries into sauce simply by adding sugar. They’re so delicate that all it takes is the compounds in table sugar to break them down. (The same way the fresh fish in ceviche cooks in lime juice).
  • Strawberries taste really good in this recipe (I have yet to try it, but it looks delightful and gets points for creativity!)

Listen to the whole interview at Scroll down to the links to this week’s show.

For my own contibution, I will point you toward Bon Appetit magazine’s Strawberry Tiramisu. A great no-bake recipe for your sweltering summer kitchen.


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