15 minutes on… my heroes


The past 30 days, 22 hours, and 45 minutes have been a National Blog Posting Month (aka NaBloPoMo) dedicated to heroes. I did not post every day this month, and I have yet to type a word about the people I look up to. But still I will embrace the last minute (my favorite time of day) to give a shout out to some important–yes, I’d dare say heroic–foodies.

Alice Waters – Big mama of the local and slow foods movement. I like her so much, I named a goldfish after her. She’s one of the few survivors.

Wendell Berry – A dude dedicated to both small-scale agriculture and beautiful writing about it

Arden Andersen – An MD with the audacity to say that nutrient-dense food, grown in good soil, is the best medicine

Mollie Katzen – A woman who started with a simple cookbook and an ernest little restaurant, and grew a huge & veggie-loving following. I also named a goldfish after her, but the poor gal (or guy?) didn’t make it.

Bill McKibben – Advocate of a locally-based economy. I need to read his latest book!

In the remaining hour of the month, I shall be reflecting on these wonderful people. And cleaning my fish tank.



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