Can Judaism save the planet?

Readers, yesterday The Washington Post‘s On Faith blog published a piece of mine inspired by the Hazon Food Conference. Entitled “Can Judaism save the planet?”, it presents one perspective that answers the question with a resounding “Yes!”

Many thanks to my “free range” writers group at Hopkins for encouragement with submissions, and to my excellent editor and mom, Marji.

Check out the article–and feel free to comment here or on the site. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Can Judaism save the planet?

  1. Brilliant: “As for blessings, one could say shehecheyanu–the prayer for a new and wondrous experience–during a first jaunt in a three-ton Hummer just as well as the inaugural bite of homegrown organic lettuce.”
    HA! I love it.
    Congratulations, Rhea! Sparkling prose you have made.

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