The Hazon Food Conference–where Jews and food meet

… including this here Jew. I’m going to it!

This should be quite interesting. A chance to see the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, be in the presence of a shechted goat, and see all sorts of creative foodie presenters.

Yet another great part of the Hazon Food Conference, I just learned, is a photo exhibit. I plan to submit some photos, and I thought it would be fun to have readers vote on which You are Delicious pix I should send. Please take a look at past entries or look at all the posts labeled “Feast your eyes” with photos taken by me. Then leave a comment and let me know which are worthy!


A few mouthfuls and a little more than an earful

This is a conglomeration of thoughts on dining out vs. eating in and fleshy temptations. Bear with me.

First, the Dining Out Dilemma.

I want to respond to comments by Ava and Brion a while ago. Ava made a good point about how dining out is not only easier than cooking for yourself, but can even be cheaper. Brion mentioned a few perks to cooking for yourself, including the fact that you can fit the flavors and portions exactly to your taste. He pointed out that cooking can be quick and easy, even for a group, especially after a little practice. Thanks for bringing this up! Continue reading