The Hazon Food Conference–where Jews and food meet

… including this here Jew. I’m going to it!

This should be quite interesting. A chance to see the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, be in the presence of a shechted goat, and see all sorts of creative foodie presenters.

Yet another great part of the Hazon Food Conference, I just learned, is a photo exhibit. I plan to submit some photos, and I thought it would be fun to have readers vote on which You are Delicious pix I should send. Please take a look at past entries or look at all the posts labeled “Feast your eyes” with photos taken by me. Then leave a comment and let me know which are worthy!


4 thoughts on “The Hazon Food Conference–where Jews and food meet

  1. I am so, so jealous. I have been planning to go for almost a year. In fact I told everyone I was going, including people I planned to meet up with there. Only to find out that I was too late to register, it is already filled up. I’m so bummed. But I’ll be there next year! And you will probably meet a bunch of my friends.

  2. Looking forward to meeting you there Rhea!
    fyi – the deadline for sending in photos for the exhibit is next Monday, Nov 19

    Editor, The Jew & The Carrot

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