U Street Farmers Market

Yesterday I got it into my head to stop by the U Street Farmers’ Market early.

Just to put in a quick plug for farmers’ markets, they are a wise thing to frequent. They are green as can be because they bring the produce directly from the local farmer to you (fewer food miles and less carbon emissions!), and make that important connection between the eater and where/how the food is produced. Plus the food is always fresh and delicious!

Anyway, as I was about to take off at the outrageous hour of 8:30 on a Saturday morning, I suddenly was seized with doubt. Is this one of those markets that opens at 10? Is it still happening this far into the fall? I thought some research was in order before I headed out.

The first item in a Google search was a city development firm. Uh… no. There was a lovely review of the market here, but without specifics. DCist had the right dates but the wrong times. Logan Circle News had another listing for the hours (which turned out to be correct), but didn’t mention the date range. Even El WaPo seems to have overlooked it in 2006 and I didn’t see another listing for 2007.

I am here to tell you:

U Street Farmers’ Market

14th and U Street NW

9 a.m.-1 p.m on Saturdays*

For 2007, it runs June 2 until November 17

*I don’t recommend getting there early because the city keeps these wily farmers in line with a strict ordinance that says they can’t sell anything until the stroke of 9.

Pesticide-free produce, cider, homemade pasta and free-range meat, baked goods from the Bread Line, an opportunity to donate food you buy to Martha’s Table — it’s all there for another two weeks.

And do check out the WaPo’s list of farmers’ markets for more. Just plan your arrival wisely.


2 thoughts on “U Street Farmers Market

  1. I found you post of November 4th 2007 to be timeless. Here it is April of 2008 and I am trying to find out if the U/14th Farmers’ Market is back for the Spring. I read a blurb in the City Paper that Breadlline would be offering baguettes at the farmers’ market at U and 14th in April. Now my internet search has left me baffeled. Not a word about 2008 starting dates or times. HELP! Have you figured this one out for 2008?

    Breadless in the City

  2. I haven’t looked into the 2008 starting times. I know that the Dupont Circle Farmers market is open year round on Sundays and has just gone to extended hours. It has a very fine looking bread stand (maybe Breadline?) and a Red Hook Bakery just a block away. I’d say to give the U Street market a try, contacting Breadline beforehand just to confirm that it’s open and they have a stall there.

    Btw, last time I was at the Breadline stall at U and 14th, I decided to ask the customers what they thought of it and several people — including a guy from France — told me they swear by their baked goods.

    Let me know how your bread odyssey turns out!

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