Get out the vote!

avocadoWill the avocado prevail? Or the suggestive bite of an apple? Or perhaps the red onion that sees all and though it bares its every crimson layer remains a mystery? 

If you haven’t guessed, this is an update to the vote for the food photo for me to send in to this: You can now either check out the “Feast your eyes” posts OR some contenders on Flickr.

Post your vote as a comment to this post. Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Get out the vote!

  1. My 3 faves are the basket of herbs, the eye level olives, and maybe the soup. Those huge beans creep me out, though. I like the onion, too. So… what do I win?? Salty oatmeal cookies, perhaps???

  2. Wow,
    I promise I looked through all the pictures before I read these comments, but looks like I’m in agreement with the above. The eye-level olives, the onion, and also the lemon cucumber (I think that’s what it is, under about on the main page). It looks like some creepy under-sea creature. Really neat picture. 🙂

  3. me too! i like the onion, olives and also the closeup of mr.tomato!! i think the onion one will be a sure-thing in the purple-best in show category..!!

  4. i like the eye level olives, the avocado in hand, and the dish (i want to say they are sausages but we all know this ain’t the case!) on the fun, funky, colorful placemat!

    good luck, have fun… and, of course… eat some yummy grub!

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