Mr. Olive goes to Falls Village

It looks like Olives gets to go to Falls Village, CT, but I won’t send it alone. Three others will keep it company.

The olives got the most votes, with the onion coming in second. Unfortunately, the way the onion’s cropped, it’s not the right dimensions for the photo exhibit. After some discussion, the onion refused to be recropped, citing some noble reason like adherence to artistic vision.

The rest I chose based on favorites according to readers and artistic merit according to moi. (Hey – I never claimed it would be a democratic process).

Thanks for your votes in my little photo contest and for supporting this acolyte photographer. Thanks especially to those who waded through the Feast Your Eyes posts to view the pictures!

The photos getting an all-expenses-paid electronic trip to the food conference are:


An Avocado in Hand…

Shallots in a Hurry


Thanks again!


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