The cowboy’s dessert

When you don’t have a coffee maker or just don’t feel like firing one up in the morning, you can make what my dad called cowboy coffee. You shovel a few tablespoons of coffee grounds into a pot, add water, and boil. The method implies that cowboys want their joe and will have it no matter what–even if they have to start a fire that they can’t stick around to enjoy and they have to wrestle bits of brown grit between their teeth for the rest of the day.


I’m also taken to understand that cowboys like a bunch of eggs for breakfast and some good, wholesome milk to wash it all down.


Given these three loves of cowboys–coffee, eggs, and milk–I have my suspicions that it was a Cuban Holstein herder who first invented coffee flan. I’ve written about this stuff before, but I made it again recently and a friend asked for me to post the recipe. I checked and sure enough I had posted it a little while back. But now that I’m older and smarter, I made a few modifications. I also added a prettier picture. Check it out, and let me know if you get the urge to tell the dogies to git.


4 thoughts on “The cowboy’s dessert

  1. speaking of desserts… my sister made this amazing gluten free, dairy free, egg free rice dream ice cream cake this week for my birthday- it was splendid and i thought you might appreciate the idea… details available iffin you’re interested…

  2. caits could explain it better, but basically this is what she did:

    1- she bought some newman’s own gluten free fake oreo cookies and crumbled them up with some margerine in a food processer.
    2- then she layered this thinly on the bottom of a spring form cake tin (i think this is what these are called…).
    3- she blended up some vanilla rice dream to smooth it out and melt it enough to spread in a inch thick layer on top of the cookie crumbs.
    4- she used the company pamela’s gluten free chocolate fudge frosting mix and made up the mix with margerine, adding some frozen organic cherries to it as it became the next layer.
    5- she prepared some chocolate rice dream in the same way as above and this became the final layer.
    6- on top, she created a final layer of the fudge frosting and wrote/decorated with home made dairy free icing colored yellow with tumeric.
    i think she must have had to keep whatever she was done with in the freezer while she was working on the other steps.

    wow, writing about cooking is a lot harder than you make it look, rhe! i’m left unsure whether this comment even makes sense…. perhaps i’ll have to send caits a link so she can correct/clarify 🙂

    hi to you!

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