YaD in the news

On the way to the Hazon Food Conference in December, I struck up an acquaintance with a writer and columnist from D.C.  We were put together with a third woman who you will soon learn about by fate and a need to carpool, and the rest is D.C. networking history…or perhaps a testament to the bonding power of food.

The three of us talked, ate noshes from Sticky Fingers or our own kitchens, and indulged in my favorite activity of discussing  esoteric food stuff. Natasha writes a monthly column for Washington Jewish Week known as “Capital Schmoozing,” and our discussion–along with the rest of the food conference–made it into her December column. It only just occurred to me to post that column here (so deep is my modesty, I would like to think, that it took the writer pointing out that I could put it on YaD to make me realize this).

So check it out!


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