Break out the cake!

It’s Valentine’s Day!

And this week marks You are Delicious’ first birthday!

I see only one appropriate course of action: break out the chocolatey dairy- and wheat-free ice cream cake!

Ta da!

Thanks to Caitlyn P. for the photo, and to the sisterly duo of Carrie and Caitlyn for the recipe to follow.

Rice Dream Birthday/Sweetheart Cake

Wheat-free Newman’s Own Oreo-type cookies


Vanilla and chocolate Rice Dream

Pamela’s brand gluten-free chocolate fudge frosting

Dairy-free chocolate fudge topping (to make this, adapt a conventional fudge recipe substituting Rice Dream drink for the milk, etc.)

Frozen organic cherries

Dairy-free “buttercream” frosting (made using a similar approach to the fudge) colored yellow with turmeric

1- Crumble up the Oreos with some margarine in a food processer.
2- Layer this thinly on the bottom of a spring form cake pan.
3- Blend up some vanilla Rice Dream to smooth it out and melt it enough to spread in a inch thick layer on top of the cookie crumbs. As you move through the next steps, you may want to keep the cake-in-process in the freezer while you’re preparing each layer.
4- Spread the homemade fudge and frozen organic cherries over the vanilla Rice Dream as the next layer.
5- Prepare the chocolate Rice Dream in the same way as above to create the final layer.
6- On top, spread a layer of fudge frosting mixed with leftover cookie crumbs and write/decoratedwith the yellow frosting

Happy birthday, happy V-Day, and bon appetit!


3 thoughts on “Break out the cake!

  1. Thanks for pointing this out – It looks great. Sad to say, it’s not gluten-free. Newman’s O’s (last I checked) are wheat-free but not gluten-free. They contain barley, which is as dangerous for someone with celiac disease as wheat is – You might want to let Carrie and Caitlyn know, in case they are making this for someone with Celiac Disease. In addition, though Rice Dream says “gluten-free” on its package now, this is a big issue in the gluten-free community because the product is made with barley, and though it is tested as containing what Rice Dream deems an “acceptably” low amount of gluten, most celiacs won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole, as even a trace amount of gluten can make us sick. But, you could easily make this recipe gluten-free by using Kinnickinnik or other brand gluten-free “oreos” and Pacific (or other GF brand) Rice Milk. Thanks Rhea!

  2. Oh dear. Thanks for the comment. I changed the description to say “wheat-free” instead of “gluten-free.” I think the intention for this cake was to make it safe for someone who can’t eat wheat or dairy. It’s been a while since I was cooking for folks who had gluten sensitivity and I forgot that other grains contain gluten and it’s not just wheat that gives people problems.

  3. oh guys, so sorry to mislead with the info. tovah, thanks for pointing it out and rhe, thanks for fixing it. cait and i are new to the whole gluten-free world so forgive the mix-up. i just got my blood test results back and don’t have celiac (or any other food allergies, which makes me really suspicious of the testing done…) but still plan on living as gluten free as poss as i feel healthier for sure. 🙂

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