Cool food in a warming world–and how you can get a copy of “Food for the Future”!

Gallaudet University’s Focus the Nation activities grew far larger than the organizers ever dreamed. At least that’s what it seemed. How else could you explain it when what was supposed to be one day of short lectures and panels turns into dozens of in-depth presentations both from campus experts and from guest speakers flown in for the occasion, a Green Fair, panels, workshops, and receptions? Members of Green Gallaudet not only hosted a great event but forged relationships with faculty, staff, students, and the greater D.C. community–including local businesses.

Gallaudet’s Academic Technology created a video and EcoDeaf wrote it up. When you watch the video, enlarge the view and keep your eye on the upper left corner. You might see a familiar food blogger! For my sign-challenged readers, in that snippet of the Food for the Future presentation, I’m talking about buying from local farms. You never would’ve guessed that, right? (Info on a copy of the presentation after the jump)

In the end, I was truly inspired by the dedication of the Green Gallaudet members and the faculty and staff who got involved.

As I mentioned before, putting together my presentation about eating sustainably in a warming world was quite a learning experience. If you’d like a copy of the resulting presentation (a PowerPoint), please email me your name and address. And you can download my Food for the Future additional info packet with a list of books, websites, restaurants, and farmers’ markets to check out on your journey to “eating cool.”


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