Frozen treats, hold the cow juice

Image:Granita brioche.JPGFruits and veggies ripen every day, and I’ve spent too many of those days not writing in YaD!

With my roommate’s acquisition of a Vita-Mix, a new level of frozen treat heaven has opened up. Yesterday, we tried a strawberry frozen yogurt. Today, I see in A Mighty Appetite yet more ideas. None of these need cream, and you could introduce vegan alternatives in all of them.

With conventional dairy full of sketchy hormones and more nutrition experts saying “What the heck are we doing drinking something designed for baby cows??” it’s a good time to seek other options. And really, the fresh ingredients will thank you for letting them shine.

For chocolatey and creamy flavors, I’ve found good vanilla extract or paste works wonders. It makes the whole thing taste richer.

For refreshing nummies, freeze all the fruits you can get your hands on and then combine and puree them however and whenever you see fit.

Frozen bananas are the best-kept non-dairy secret ever. Their flavor and texture is identical to a banana ice cream. Their banana flavor is very strong, though, so skip that tip if you’re not into them.

And for a nice granita, all you need is some fruit juice and sweetener on hand. But it doesn’t hurt to have pinot noir and whole cloves, too.

Try ’em!

Strawberry Yogurt Freeze (You can use any food processor or powerful blender for this. Try with cultured soy yogurt and let me know how it comes out!)

Chocolate Sorbet and Mixed Berry Soy “Cream”

Granita of Pinot Noir with Berries


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  1. What an awesome site Rhea! I’ll be spreading the word and checking in often. Mind if i add you to my blog roll on thatmakesmenervous?

    -Jean (from JHU)

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