#10 is A-OK

You don’t always have to be #1. In fact, I’m happy to barely hang on to the top 10 in the City Paper’s neighborhood rankings. Two weeks ago, the CP ran the much-touted and talked-about Hoods & Services feature. And this week’s print issue sums up the City Desk blog chatter (think letters to the editor for 20-somethings who think stamps are the things the bouncer puts on your hand when enter the Black Cat).

While some are up on arms about the rankings, and especially known-for-yuppies-and-drunkenness Georgetown’s #3 slot, I’m not concerned. The CP folks lumped in my nabe, Columbia Heights, and nearby Mt. Pleasant, with just-known-for-drunkenness Adams Morgan. They paint AM’s 18th Street as  “the District’s best bet for binge-drinking and one-night stands.”

The essay gives some nice Mt. P and CH history and cultural bits, but mostly the rankings follow the mucky doings of AM (which actually has decent brunches–including local and organic offerings at The Reef and vegan options at Asylum–and other daytime fun).

So really–no hard feelings, City Paper. In fact, I owe you a 24-pack of thanks for keeping my slice of foodie heaven safe from the other white young professionals.

They don’t have to know that on a Saturday morning, while Madam’s Organ is peeling the last of the puking interns off their floor, I can stroll the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market with a cup of fresh coffee from Heller’s Bakery. Let’s not speak of the international appy and tapas menu at Marx Cafe or the tasty veggie brats at Wonderland. And likewise we can keep the unpretentious pupuserias, brick oven pizza places, and generous non-Starbucks coffee options between us. And The Raven, the source of the “Liquorridor” photo, shall go unnamed as a grimy but respectable neighborhood bar.

Yep, let’s keep that our secret.


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