Local, pure, and wholesome–the way a revolution should be

In honor of the new year and new season, I asked a few friends for their food resolutions for the foodie revolution. Here’s what they came up with. Notice any themes emerging?

Carrie resolved…

to eat local food in season!

Sunita pledged…

to eat more tofu!

to eat cleaner, less-processed foods!

to find healthy substitutes to sugar–like more fruit.

to donate food to local food drives.

Max asked…

What was my food’s journey? Was its soil safe, its travel short? Did the hands that produced it earn a livable wage? Were they spared poisons that are often used in production?

Can my consistent food purchasing habits shift supply and demand, even if just slightly? Am I voting with my food choices?

What does my whole body need, versus what my mouth simply wants?

Am I sharing with my (one-year-old) son that food is not just fun and delicious, but also revolutionary?
Can I listen a bit more to the nutritionally wise words of Ellen K (www.ellenkittredge.com)?

Raychelle quipped…

go on more bike trips to farmer’s markets especially with Rhea! 🙂

Thanks, resolvers!


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