Eating local in real life

20071007_0004Want to see how real people whose regular breakfast isn’t granola eat local? Check out Locavore Nation. The eastern region blog includes someone close–Autumn Long from West Virginia. But just to warn you, she’s kind of an exception to the “real people” rule. Her average breakfast is probably not only crunchy, but plucked that day from a tree of crunchy things that she and her homesteading husband planted with their own hands.


2 thoughts on “Eating local in real life

  1. Hi Rhea, and thanks for the Locavore Nation shout-out! Although I fear the reality of my locavore existence might not live up to your lovely fantasy of me eating “homemade crunchy things I planted with my own hands,” I LOVE to know that is how you imagine me. Keep that fantasy rolling! And keep up the good work here; I really like your site.

  2. Thanks for surfing in, Autumn! Wow – a celebrity comment on my blog… thanks! 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your local eating year.

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