First chef

Obama’s in. Great. Awesome. All our shoe leather, prayers, conversations, and campaign contributions did their thing. We know that we’ll have some health care reform, new respect from abroad, some economic repair, the possibility of ending our endless wars, and the comfort of knowing that the guy in the White House actually believes climate change was caused by human beings. But one major detail of the incoming administration remains undecided–who will do the cooking.

After Clinton brought the healthy and contemporary cooking of Walter Scheib (who’s got a book about his adventures and 12-year-old Chelsea’s favorite meals) and Dubya brought in female and Phillipines-born Cristeta Comerford, where can the Obamas go? How might they surprise and delight us with an executive chef selection?

Fox’s Obama Chic series had some thoughts on it (at least Fox doesn’t have the Obamas doing anything as sinister as “scheming” about the chef as said they were with decor)  and the Huffington Post has made its guesses.

These aren’t the only news sources speculating, and I’m far from the only blogger giving this careful consideration. Just look at this blog. But I figured I’d post what I’d found so far for my readers.

While speculations fly, we have one clue from an insider: As Sheib told the Balto Sun, “I doubt there is going be a movement to replace the first minority chef with an old white guy.”


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