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Checking out the Chronicle of Higher Ed’s Mama Ph.D. blog for a friend who’s about to become one, I came across this post. It fascinated me on a number of levels. This mini essay not only depicts the reality of standard nutrition education, but demonstrates the complexity of parenthood and good writing technique to boot.  I love how the writer knows 10 times more than the presenters and has better things to do with her time, but in the end she must go because her daughter can’t let her miss the “party at school.” And the “hand-drawn poster,” “tiny plates,” and “little plastic glass of water” emphasize the amateur and futile nature of it all.

Those three aspects of the writing aren’t even what the post is about. The writer wants community, she says, and what better way to develop that than combining pedagogical technique and food? She also makes this point elegantly through the piece. As a foodie and writer, I approve of the commentary and the technique.

You have to give those nursing students props for serving quinoa, though. And why couldn’t the mom just stick out a hand and introduce herself to someone? Well, as I have demonstrated many times, no blog post is perfect.


2 thoughts on “Community for nutrition geek geeks

  1. Thanks for posting this! I am in school to become a registered dietitian so nutrition ed is really interesting to me. Awesome that they’re introducing peeps to quinoa, though! I am a quinoa-vangelist!

  2. “Quinoa-vangelist” — I love it!! Want to do a guest post about fun nutrition info? My friend who’s a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition also plans to have a little nutrition Q&A column on here… we can all be nutrition geeks together!

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