It’s what day tomorrow??

stuffed tofu - whole

The last few weeks have been a little frazzled as I moved to another part of town. Getting to a very food-oriented area close to both farmers’ market and food co-op, ironically, has limited my cooking and blog posting. The jumble of cardboard boxes and a trip to see family promises another few days of preoccupation. I just had to surface, though, for Thanksgiving.

As I head into a few glorious days of full-on food prep, let me leave you some ideas…. Just in case you’ve had your own distractions, or if you generally procrastinated when it came to  Thanksgiving menu planning. Not that anyone (least of all moi) would ever do that!

Idea #1: Gourmet‘s three mouthwatering vegetarian menus. They’re worth checking out if only for the food vocab boost you’ll get. Never heard of “frizzled onion” or farro? Now you will have. The nearly X-rated food fotos aren’t bad, either.

Idea #2: Five “stand up” side dishes. Veggie readers will appreciate the intro to this one!

Idea #3: A tasty collection of recipes from YaD. This includes the homemade tofu turkey pictured above. Try ’em and let me know how they come out!

And with that, let me wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a brimming table. Eat well, linger long, and clean up later.


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