Obama and food–in blog form

Oh, mama. It’s Obamafoodorama.com(ma!). A blog about Obama and food seems inevitable, but that its stories unfurl with solid reporting and pleasant humor is a sweet dollop on the cake.

Recently, they’ve covered the color of the first lady’s inauguration outfit (the designer calls it “lemongrass”) and the first couple’s resemblance to a wedding cake topper at the inaugural balls. Also, what food bloggers eat while covering food away from home (sadly, apparently not much).

I definitely enjoy this blog, but would love to see more about what the Obamas eat. The local restaurant you visit and the type of food you order for takeout on the campaign trail makes a statement… the response to the White House Organic Farm movement will also say something. What IS “Bam” saying about it?

Thanks to A Mighty Appetite for bringing this to YaD’s attention–or at least reminding me.


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