Sunday morning tidbits

starbucks cupWhat fun with the ‘bucks! I went to get a prescription filled at the Giant on East-West Highway yesterday, and while I was waiting decided to give a little patronage to a poor, struggling business you may know as Starbucks.  I got my first glimmer that this might make a YaD post when the guy at the counter asked if I’d like two shots (the second one free) in my small (okay, tall) latte.

I inquired about this, and he explained they’ve been doing it since they opened. They offer it every day, unless it’s busy.

Perhaps sensing that I had 30 minutes to kill, the gentleman proceeded to tell me more. He explained that the kind of Starbuck’s espresso machine they have only makes expresso in two-shot increments. So unless someone’s right on a “tall” customer’s heels ordering another something with one shot, that extra shot will languish.

Other interesting tidbits: The ‘Bucks has tightened its coffee freshness standards, requiring stores to ditch brewed coffee after 30 minutes rather than the original 90. In the afternoon, starting around 2 p.m., this means a lot of wasted coffee. And because each branch has to buy their coffee from Papa Starbucks, that translates into three times the amount of coffee bought for an average afternoon (this was my connection, not information offered by that loyal employee… but he didn’t refute this chain of logic).

Also, know why iced coffee is more expensive than hot, even though it looks like it’s 90 percent ice? The coffee brewed for iced is twice as strong. Still, the dude said, you’d be better off ordering an Americano (hot water with espresso) and request it sans water over ice. For a large size (groan–yes, a “venti”) you’ll pay a little less by ordering the Americano over ice and get a whopping three shots of espresso.

Go forth and be informed! For a good read about Starbucks (and I’m not just saying that because it’s written by a family friend of a friend), check out Wrestling with Starbucks.

And if you’re in the vicinity of that Giant, drop by and say hello to the manager dude… and then head to The Drifting Nomad.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday morning tidbits

  1. I’ll have to tell Brian about the two shots thing, as he likes to order Black Eyes. Maybe he could just order a red eye and get the second shot free!! (Hey, we gotta save money with this baby coming…)

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