Chili on a boat

Boat stove and skillet

This is where it started. Somewhere among the small table flanked by two short benches, V-berth bed that could sleep about 1.5, and the tiny restroom sat this marvelous cabin kitchen.

On my recent sailing adventure, that’s the spot on the 25-foot Catalina where Cap’n Chris cooked up some veggie chili. It was a nice complement to the spring-like air and the shimmering water of the Potomac River as well as our chips and salsa and multigrain bread with persimmon jam. Plus the brewskies and fresh apple cider.

There’s nothing better than being on a boat–except being on a boat with snacks and beer and friends!

Chris with the ex-chili

Here’s the chili pan with the few beans that were spared, as modeled by Cap’n Chris. What a fun trip!

As it turns out, some talented young musicians were inspired by my adventure. They made the following video about it (as sometimes happens with music videos taken from real life, a little exaggeration was involved). Enjoy!


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